Supply Chain Consulting

Compliance Networks excels in uncovering the hidden value that lies within your supply chain.

We apply a creative mix of technologies and services to facilitate flow in the retail supply chain.

Understanding the full scope of the supply chain is critical to maximizing efficiency from both the vendor's and buyer's perspective. A carefully-scripted distribution plan combined with a well executed merchandising plan produces a mutually-desired result - happy and satisfied customers. As former supply chain practitioners, we understand the critical importance of an uninterrupted flow of merchandise for successfully executing a merchandising plan. Having worked with thousands of vendors, we also know the importance of setting and communicating proper expectations to ensure optimal performance.

Vendor Compliance Services

We offer the vendor community Best Practices Consultation and evaluation to:

  • Identify profit leaks within warehouse, shipping and distribution operations
  • Assistance with interpreting routing guides
  • Design and implement strategies to improve the vendor compliance process and relationship
  • Design and implement programs to eliminate costly chargebacks


We offer the retail community:

  • Opportunity assessments to determine the financial impact of vendor compliance optimization programs
  • Distribution center design expertise including facility layout and material handling design
  • Opportunity assessments on the financial impact of vendor compliance programs
  • Supply chain strategy and modeling
  • Performance management
  • Freight audits
  • Traffic and logistics assessments
  • Consulting for ASN/214 processing
  • Vendor Scorecards


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"Where does the supply chain executive start in their quest to influence margin performance? While opinions will vary where the best place to start is, most will agree the desired outcome is a more predictable and consistent supply chain."

Richard Wilhjelm
Vice President, Sales and Business Development
Compliance Networks

“Poor judgment and uninformed assumptions result in market miscues, setbacks, mediocre performance, politicized cultures, demoralized workers, and workforce reductions.”

Stephen Covey
7 Habits of Highly Effective People